Build Once, Sell Twice

The Productization Playbook


The playbook I developed to transition from an overworked & underpaid practitioner to building a leveraged digital product business that 10'xd my income and gave me back my time.

The whole story...

The operating system for the 21st-century internet entrepreneur.

The formula for freedom goes something like this:

  • Build marketable skills
  • Earn more than you spend
  • Don't depend on a single source of income
  • Stop trading time for money
  • Align your work with your curiosity
  • Work when and where you want
  • Develop a network of trusted relationships

I'm Jack (say hello on Twitter)

I spent 10 years working in corporate advertising in NYC as a graphic designer for billion dollar brands. 

Fun, but the opposite of freedom.

So, in search of freedom, I started my own advertising agency. No fun, and even less freedom.

After two years of iteration, I figured out how to transition to highly-specialized (and fun) consulting, and a product business that scales infinitely.

The insight behind this transition?
Productizing myself.

Responding to demand vs. creating demand

This image is the difference between taking on work from anyone that's willing to pay you, and building a product that you can use to generate demand for yourself.

The biggest thing building an agency taught me was what I didn't want. 

I was so tired and frustrated at the inability to escape the endless loop of selling more hours, taking on more work, and hiring more people. I knew there must be a better way.

Despite the earlier realization, it's something I didn't properly pursue until stumbling upon the words of Naval Ravikant in early 2018:

"What feels like play to you, but looks like work to others?"

If you can answer this question, you're halfway there.

In early 2018, I couldn't.

But since then, I've run hundreds of experiments to figure it out. For me, it was a combination of a few different things — a subset of the design skills (pitches & presentations) I'd acquired over a short career, and an irrational interest in internet businesses, strategy, and philosophy.

The journey that followed led me to overhaul the business from a struggling agency, to just topping $1,000,000 in product sales in its second year as I write this in 2020.

So what's this got to do with you?

Well — if you're anywhere near where I was back in 2018, I'd like to share with you how I did it.

From trading time for a fraction of the value you're creating for someone else's business, to building an asset that you own and control, and developing a process to build it, sell it, and keep making it better each day.

By no means is this a one size fits all process, but there are a number of steering principles that completely changed how I think about opportunity, time and money in the context of building something specifically "you."

Many of our students have leveraged these lessons to tweak their current business or launch new products, others have built around their unique abilities from scratch.

Who is this for?

How much experience do I need?

You can layer these principles into your life as a nineteen year old student or an industry veteran with decades of experience. 

Use it as framework to evaluate opportunity in general, or leverage the specific tactics detailed in each lesson to build or grow your business.

What do BOST students have in common?

  • The desire to increase the value of their time
  • The pursuit of valuable, marketable skills
  • The curiosity and dedication to iterate

Sound like you?

A forty lesson mixed media workshop

The Goal


Build Once, Sell Twice

The Visualize Value Story

Engineering Freedom

Executive Summary

Build Once, Sell Twice is a mixed media workshop including written, illustrated, and video lessons. Focused, actionable and bingeable in a single day, by design.

The Game


Build Mindset

Build Skill

Build Process

Build Reputation

Build Product

Build Authority

The Rules


Reputation, Reciprocity & Equity

Ownership x Time = Freedom

Value Creation






Service Businesses

Productized Service


Proof of Work

Divorcing Time & Money

The Plays (Building)


Speak in problems, Solve in Products (Exercise)

Rapid Ideation (Exercise)

Trust Profile (Exercise)

The Permissionless Apprenticeship

Content Leverage

Story Arbitrage

Tech Stack Tour (Exercise)

Platform Periodization

Structuring a Curriculum

Curriculum as Content

Interrupting Patterns

The Plays (Selling)


Selling Sawdust

Selling to Sellers

Organic Hype

The Proof & Price Loop

Extracting Proof

Justifying Your Prices

Start Playing


Ensuring Victory

Technology stack breakdowns


Digital Blackboard Videos



Case Studies

Take the course. Breathe it in. Repeat.

I've been in digital marketing/storytelling for well over 10 years now. There are very few resources or courses that "surprise" me anymore. 

Safe to say, Build Once, Sell Twice put me on my butt. The thoughtfulness and simplicity that Jack presents to so many of us in the digital world is needed and necessary.

If you're like me and find yourself a bit tired of offering services/hourly retainers and just wasting away slowly but surely, this course will help you reawaken that dormant energy underneath. 

Couldn't recommend it more!"

Josh W.


Fluff Remover

We’ve all read those books that should have been a blog post but got padded to hundreds of pages. 

This course is the opposite - clear, concise lessons. Jack has had the confidence to not need to justify every point but spends the time to clear the path, set the framework and make it actionable. 

I’ve taught 30k students and can say this was worth the investment. It’s always a risk paying hundreds to a stranger on the interwebs but if you’re looking to build products, this is Step #1 aka the fast track to creating value and getting your hours back.

Rich P.


Value in a Great Format

The Build Once, Sell Twice program is a great investment in your future. The information is to the point, effective and a must have for any person looking to change the way they think not only in their career but in life.

The form and layout of the program is great to use and refer back to after completion. Partnering this with the VV network has been great for me and made some great connections that have helped my start-up.

A strong recommend!

Kain S.


Packed with Value

I feel like I've taken a lot of online courses, webinars, and workshops over the years, and I can hands down say this was one of the most timely, relevant, helpful, transparent courses I have ever taken. 

I've run my own business for 3 years and my notebook was full of notes, comments, and to-dos. Kudos to Jack and the entire VV team for offering something of so much value. 

I cannot more highly recommend a course and it is worth every penny and then some.

Zach W.


Learn once,

Leverage forever.

Build Once, Sell Twice is an applied philosophy course. It teaches you how to recognize and productize your knowledge. Then share it in ways that create value for others.

Jack teaches a system that creates a win-win environment for both the creator and consumer and the buyer and seller.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to use leverage more effectively.



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